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ASUS R7250X-2GD5 Radeon Graphics Cards


ASUS R7250X-2GD5 Radeon Graphics Cards

Product Description

The Radeon R7 250X Graphics Card from ASUS can be used as an upgrade or replacement for desktop computers with PCI Express expansion slots. The card is intended for gamers and other users who require or will benefit from the additional processing power a dedicated graphics card can provide. Not only do GPUs drive displays, a growing number of GPU-aware applications are able to offload other, computationally-intensive, tasks such as transcoding video onto the graphics card for a faster, more efficient workflow.

This version of the Radeon R7 250X features a 1020 MHz core clock speed. To move data to and from the core as efficiently as possible, there is 2GB of 1150 MHz GDDR5 RAM over a 128-bit memory interface. Because GDDR5 RAM moves data at four words per clock cycle, the effective memory clock speed for this card is 4600 MHz.

The can be connected to a variety of display types, including computer monitors, HDTVs, projectors, as well as many 3D devices. It features an HDMI port, a DisplayPort port, a DVI-I (digital and analog) port, and a DVI-D (digital only) port. A DVI to VGA adapter is supplied so you can also connect analog VGA displays. When connecting to digital displays HDCP is supported allowing you to view copy protected content such as commercial Blu-ray DVDs.
Popular API Support
Supports DirectX 11.2 and other APIs to allow games, media players, video editing programs, and other compatible software to benefit from GPU acceleration.
Utility software that allows for real-time monitoring of GPU performance from your desktop, assistance overclocking, the ability to adjust boost speed, voltage, and fan performance, notifications of BIOS firmware and driver updates, and assistance installing any new updates it finds.
ASUS GPU Tweak Streaming
GPU Tweak streaming allows you to stream whatever is happening on your screen to the web in real time at up to full HD resolution. For example, you can use this feature to allow others to watch games live as they are played. In addition, you can superimpose scrolling text, pictures, or webcam images over the streaming window.
Multi-GPU Support
AMD CrossFire technology allows you to combine two compatible GPUs to increase the total graphics processing power of your system.
Multi-Display Support
AMD Eyefinity technology and multi-stream transport (MST) allow you to drive up to six displays from the DisplayPort output. This feature requires either an MST hub to split up the streams and deliver them to individual monitors or DP 1.2-compatible  displays that have outputs for daisy-chaining.
newegg DIGI+ VRM and Super Alloy Power
Alloy components and flattened copper heatpipes designed to reduce power loss, enhance durability, and achieve cooler operating temperatures to help minimize fan noise and extend the lifespan of the card
Dual Fan Design
Designed to provide 2x greater air flow and 3x quieter performance compared to comparable single-fan cooling systems
Quad Data Rate (QDR) GDDR5 RAM
Because GDDR5 RAM can transfer up to four words per cycle, as opposed to one word per cycle with traditional RAM, the effective data rate is quadrupled, allowing this card to process data transactions as quickly as if it had a 4600 MHz memory clock speed.
PCI Express 3.0 Interface
PCI Express 3.0 provides double the bandwidth of PCI Express 2.0 yet remains backward-compatible with PCI Express 2.0 motherboards.



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